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If your website isn’t properly optimized so that it’s working harder to generate new leads and customers than anyone else in your business… FIRE IT!

SERIOUSLY… your website is an incredibly powerful resource that works seven days a week, doesn’t need a vacation, doesn’t take sick time, doesn’t come to work late and never sleeps.

Besides yourself, who else will work that hard for you?

But, how do you get your website about рыбалка в Калининграде to give you 110% or more? You start by assessing it’s current ability, just like you would any employee. However, the criteria is a little different. Put it through a test and see how it measures up. We recommend Website Grader.

Use the following scale to grade your site…

  • 0 – 70 = Replace Your Site (it has either been poorly coded or not maintained – or both!)
  • 71 – 80 = Brand New Website Launch (1 Day to 90 Days Old). Start with Google Indexing and establishing a good solid social network with 100 – 300 complete social media profiles. This will help you with marketing.
  • 80 – 90 = New site just starting to gain trust on Search Engines. Get use to adding new content to your site weekly. Make sure your site validates, is submitted to search engines, your pages are optimized and get started on an off-page back-linking program.
  • 90 – 95 = Great Job! You are on the right path – Your website is probably 6 months old and you have been doing a good amount of on and off page SEO. Keep working at it, traffic is building.
  • 95 – 97 = You are starting to generate some consistent traffic – Don’t quit now, keep adding content and focus on on-page and off-page SEO! Inner page key phrase linking and continued article marketing.
  • 98 – 100 = You are now an Internet Marketer ready to compete seriously online! Keep going – your competitors are starting to see you coming and will be fighting harder to hold their positions. Keep up the great work!

You can perform this test yourself and take the appropriate action based on the results, or we can do it for you as part of your Local Visibility Assessment and provide you with recommendations to improve it’s effectiveness at bringing more customers into your business.