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Phase 3 – The Double Play to Beat Your Competition

Local Search Marketing is the practice of getting online traffic funneled into “offline” or brick and mortar businesses. We already discussed two of the top strategies for positioning a local business to be found on the Internet… Local Business Directories and Local Maps.Search Engine Results Page Image

Showing up on the first page of the organic section as well as the maps section is a wining double play!

That’s why we shouldn’t ignore the organic search results. They are the listings you usually see when you do a search in Google, Yahoo or Bing. Top rankings in organic search engine results pages (SERP’s) will drive a lot more traffic to your website. It’s here where we can also target a wider range of keywords to maximize the local traffic your website gets.

We maximize the local exposure for our clients by focusing not only on the most popular keywords, but all those little lesser used ones as well.

The popular main keywords may deliver a lot of traffic, but they have a lot of competition too. The lesser used keywords tend to convert into real customers at a much higher rate because they represent a very specific intent. An intent to buy a specific product or service. So they are well worth going after.

People conduct their searching in different ways and not everyone goes for the obvious city name + business type. Some get very specific about the type of service they want. For example, somebody looking for a plumber might type “city name plumber” while somebody else might use “city name toilet repair.”

Organic SEO is just as important as ever because not everyone bothers to click a Maps result. In fact most will still scroll down to the main organic results. So being here is just as important as being in the seven pack maps results.

There are off-site factors (factors having nothing to do with your website) that influence how search engines rank your website. Link popularity is a key factor in search rankings. To a search engine, a link is like a vote. The more votes you have the more important your site must be.

But not all votes (links) carry the same weight. Getting the right links is far more important than getting the most links. Therefore, a link building strategy using different techniques is at the center of any organic SEO plan.