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Phase 2 – Outrank Your Competition in the Maps Sections

LocalStreet Media’s Local Maps Optimization helps you to be found in the Maps section of the three largest search engines: Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Having top positions in the maps section of the search engines is like having 1,000′s of ads all working to build your local business! It’s an extremely powerful way to secure a steady stream of customers. Just imagine potential customers finding your listing in this prominent place of the search engines where they can easily see your business services and/or products. Hundreds if not thousands of people are searching for exactly what you do every day. All you need to do is have your listing show up in these preferred places and you can easily benefit from this exposure.

Google Local Maps Results Image
To the right you will see an example of the Local Maps Section on the search results page of Google.

Consumers are often drawn to the Local Map Section of the search results because it easily shows them where the local business is physically located. In addition, other useful information is provided, such as reviews, contact information, coupons and links to the business’ website.

The area highlighted is commonly referred to as the “Seven Pack” because it shows the top seven businesses for the search term that was entered.

This is where you want to be! Just below the paid section and above the organic results.

You do not have to create a local business listing in order to show up in Local Maps. The Search Engines will gather information from other websites and create the listing automatically. The problem is this information may not be correct. There may be bits and pieces of your business information all over the internet, from online phone directories to data aggregators… and if it is old information, your listing in the maps sections will be incorrect.

In most cases, your local business listing must be properly optimized in order to show up correctly and on the first page in the seven pack. You can edit this information yourself but, you may or may not show up on the first page. To get there your listing must be setup correctly and optimized with specific keywords and phrases relating to your business.

Here are the six most likely ranking elements that need to be consistent and optimized correctly…

  • Address
  • Business Category
  • Title/Business Name
  • Business Description
  • Content/Media
  • Coupons

There are two other factors that affect your ranking in the seven pack… Citations (where your business name and address are mentioned (or cited) on another website) and Customer Reviews.

We use a set of proven techniques to submit and regularly update your geographic and business information on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines to achieve the highest possible position in the map results.